La Min-sú de Terrasson

retreat, reflect, refresh

Uncover prehistoric art

ordogne and Lot departments are home to a large concentration of valuable prehistoric sites. At the center is 'Les Eyzies-de-Tayac', the 'capital of prehistory'. And important archaeological sites of Laugerie-Haute and Madeleine.

Visit the 5 'original must see caves' of Font de Gaume (last polychrome paintings open to the public), Les Combarelle (engravings), Rouffignac (cave of a hundred mammoths), Abri du Cap-Blanc (15-meter-long frieze in high relief) and Bernifal (the last peasant cum pre-historian).

Visit The National Museum for Prehistory, and further explore Les Eyzies. Visit one of the largest private collections of prehistoric materials at Sauveboeuf Castle in Aubas. Explore the International Center for Parietal Art “Lascaux IV” in Montignac. And visit the fabulous caves of Cougnac situated in the Lot.

*Desdemaines-Hugon (2010). Stepping-Stones, A journey through the ice age caves of the Dordogne.

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