La Min-sú de Terrasson

retreat, reflect, refresh

La Min-sú


a Min-sú de Terrasson is housed in a heritage building in the protected historical zone of Terrasson, restored and upgraded by Joost and Sze over a long renovation year.

Its history can be traced to the 1830s when the 'new bridge' of Terrasson was build and a number of 'maison bourgeoise', with their typical straight forward and functional architecture, adopted to local materials and know-how, were constructed.

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En-suite bedrooms

Four bedrooms with private baths provide you comfort and privacy. We have two double rooms each with a double bed and two twin rooms each with two single beds. Rooms at the back feature the woodframed wall, front rooms feature 'en pierre' walls and windows.

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Dining, living and reading rooms

These common spaces provide spacious old world charm to relax, chat or exchange information. Though free wifi is provided we encourage you to go 'off-screen' in front of the fireplace.

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Our back garden provides a shady deck to enjoy the outside air, fresh herbs and vegetables for sharing with our guests.

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Studio space

The top floor is available for dance/movement practice under professional guidance to let you to experience the fun in free expression in dance (creative body & mind connection) as well as learning the basic skills of anatomical stretching and relaxation.

The 'maison bourgeoise'.

Our building has a large number of typical 'bourgoise' features including the cornice (1), lintels (2), skylight (3), wooden split door (4), high windows with 'persienne' (5) and standard shutters (6), two large chimneys built of brick (7), as well as practical access to the basement (or cave) for coal and grapes (8), and a ring to strap your horse (9).

    Typical in the area is the curving 'perigord roof' with its changing angle made of slate from the neighboring Correze, walls 'en pierre' built with local natural stone/rock. The back of the house was constructed using a wooden frame of wooden beams re-used from an earlier construction.

    One of the spectacular features of the house is its 'charpenterie'; the wood work that supports the roof. The double A-frame and a spider-like construction accommodating the different roof planes give the studio its 'barn look'.

    Not a nail or screw was used, the whole construction kept together by its angles and pen-joints, probably first built on the ground, then taken apart and re-assembled on top of the building (as some remaining markings suggest).


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High season B&B
Aiming to offer flexibility to our guests, starting from the 2022 we will make some changes to our operations. During the months of July and August (high season), we will offer 'B&B only’ on a 3 nights or 6 nights per calendar week basis (while other local settings are on weekly basis). Tailor-made packages, assisted day trips, special packages can be offered on request at an additional charge.

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Tailor-made packages
To ensure this a heartfelt experience we offer a basic structure, based on a 5- to 7- nights stay. You can arrive on a Tuesday/Wednesday afternoon and leave on Monday/Tuesday morning. We provide an interface and access to the region, day trips or professional ‘fun dance/stretching' (body-mind connection) workshops in our studio.

Tailor-made packages include:

  • Pick-up and drop-off services at Brive airport and long-distance-bus stop, and Brive or Terrasson train stations. Please note that our check-in time is 15:00 and check-out time is 10:00.
  • A Chinese/English interface to the landscape, culture, nature, and history of the Dordogne. Join us for a hike in the evenings or stargazing at night.
  • Assisted day trips we offer to bring guests to visit historical, cultural and natural places that are further afield and are hard to reach by public transport.Find out more about assisted day trips.
  • Walking distance from the historic center; with easy access to gardens, parks, terraces, supermarkets, small local shops, artisan workshops, post office, banks, museums and restaurants. We provide a base, maps and background information to help you explore Terrasson independently.Find out more about things to do and see in Terrasson.
  • The possibility to explore the wider town and environs independently by bike, kayaking or hiking in the countryside. We provide a base, maps, background information, bikes, picnic baskets and rental contacts. Find out more about hiking, kayaking and cycling possibilities.
  • Through Terrasson's and Brive's train stations we facilitate independent day trips to historic and foodie cities like Perigueux, Cahors, Limonges or Bordeaux. We provide you with the necessary maps, background information and train schedules.Find out more about day trip by train.
  • Dance/movement/stretching (creative, fun, body & mind connection) + stretching + relaxation is conducted by Sze, a professional dance artist in our spacious studio is optional. Find out more about dance classes, dance camps and other dance activities.
  • Rooms will be cleaned to welcome our guests. As the room and bath room are private, there will be no trespassing to maintain guests privacy unless under unusual circumstances. We trust our guests will help us keep them well. Bed linen and towels are provided and can be replaced on request.
  • Nutrious breakfasts.

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